Located with the Atlantic Ocean to the East the Indian Ocean to the West and the Mediterranean Sea to the North. Africa is the second largest continent, and is known for it’s wildlife, safaris, the great Sahara Desert being the hottest desert in the world and the Nile River, the longest river in the world runs through 11 different countries in the African continent.

Africa map
African Continent

Africa is made of 55 separate states and 9 territories with 2 De Facto States which basically means that they are their own body with no unique rights or acknowledgement what so ever.

African Tribe

Like the rest of the world, Africa has had a fair amount of conflict throughout the centuries like the Fulani War in the Cameroon, Ethiopian-Adal War in 1529 in Ethiopia, First Oyo-Dahomey War in Benin from 1726 – 1730 and many more, and with conflicts still going on in different countries in the continent.

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