One of the lands of the Vikings…Norway rose from the last ice age due to the warming effect of the Gulf stream around 12,000 BC and became habitable around that time as well even though in 1994 a skeleton was found in the waters of Sognefjord in Norway and was carbon dated to an even earlier time just around 6,000 BC.

royal palace norway
Royal Palace in Oslo

This beautiful Scandinavian country including glaciers, fjords and mountains. In the capital city of Norway, Oslo is a city full of museums, sacred and religious sites, theaters, nature parks and bodies of water. The second largest city in Norway, Bergen is full of intensely hued wooden houses and it’s also the embarkation point for cruises to the great Sognefjord. Another wonderful place to mention is Bøstad a village to the North of Norway in the Lofoten archipelago for its beauty, the famous Loftr Viking museum with a large viking era chieftain house that was established 500AD.

Sognefjord, Norway

What is known as modern Norway has only existed for around 200 years and the story of this great is quite a lengthy one going from the first age after the prehistorics, being the Viking age, the middle ages, the union of Denmark and Norway, the union of Sweden and Norway, Norway’s Independence up to their involvement in the World Wars and the Oil Age.

Here I will be covering the Viking colonization of Norway, Leif Eriksons discovery of America, Eric Bloodaxe who was a 10th century Norwegian king and plenty of battles like Hjörungavágr, Svolder, Norways first Irish sea campaign and many more!

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